What we Provide:

  • Find a safe and unobtrusive location for the colonies on your property.
  • Install and secure all the bee's equipment including hive stand, landing board, boxes, frames and covers
  • Install a"nucleus" colony of honeybees
  • Food for the bees as needed throughout the year
  • Organic mite and pest prevention program
  • Regular maintenance visits for strategic manipulation of frames
  • Timely installation of additional “supers” before and during honey flows
  • Monitor and replace queen as needed
  • Offer a choice of bottles for your honey
  • Prepare the hives for winter
  • Open the hives each spring
  • Harvest and bottle your exquisite honey for you... about 30 lbs per year per hive

Additional Services:

  • Design and print custom labels
  • Honey extraction demonstrations
  • Educational seminars and presentations with an observation hive for audiences of all ages 
  • Observation hive installation and maintenance
  • Help with public relations articles, press releases, and updates
  • Frames loaded with raw honey
  • Video feed for viewing the bees remotely
  • Bees wax and propolis samples
  • Bees wax based lotions and lip balms
  • Swarm collection

Did you know...

  • Honey is a 100% pure and natural sweetener where bacteria can not grow and is the only food known to man that will never spoil.
  • A colony of bees will pollinate trees, plants and vegetables for more than a 2 miles radius of its hive (8700 acres!)
  •  Medicinal benefits to local honey include the potentially helping reduce seasonal allergies.  (see Honeybee Facts)

*Bee Bold Honey*

2011 Best in Show and 2012 Best Exhibitor and Blue Ribbon recipient ... NJ State Fair   

Observation Hive

Photo courtesy  www.DelaFoto.com